Doc. PhDr. Renáta Beličová, PhD.

The Institute of Literary and Artistic Communication,
Faculty of Arts Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia

Medzinárodné kolokvium
Studia humanitatis – Ars hermeneutica
Metodologie a theurgie hermeneutické interpretace V
Katedra slavistika a Katedra filosofie FF OU v Ostravě
Filosofická fakulta Ostravské university v Ostravě, 6. – 7. 5. 2014

From Clear-up of Ideas, to Deconstruction.
Theory of Translation of Anton Popovic and Interpretation of Post-modernism in Music


Literary science accepted the fact of receptive reality of literary culture already in the 60 ́s in the twentieth century. On the contrary, in the musicology, such elusions from strictly structuralist framework, are very rare. Reception-Aesthetics of Music offers the spread of methodological framework of music aesthetics on methods which were developed from the Aesthetic of Reception, and Nitra’s Theory of translation of Anton Popovic. It can be perceived analogically even as the theory of interpretation with an accent on intertextual context, which is essential also in the music texts, that is creative expressions post- modernism in music.


Literary Science, Musicology, Methodology, Theory of Translation, Nitras‘s Aesthetics, Reception-Aesthetics of Music, Post-modernism in Music